As Your Real Estate Professional I will design a Marketing Plan specifically Designed for your home. 

Pre-Marketing Exposure

I will enter your homes information onto our internal website that is designed to alert every local Coldwell Banker agents that your home will be on the market soon. As well as notifying co-broke agents that I have worked with and know the areas that your home is located in.

Staging your home

You and I will work together to stage your home if necessary so that it will make a notable first impression on potential buyers. Changing and arranging furniture and discussing curb appeal. The goal is to best position your home for a quick sale at the highest possible price.

Professional Pictures

I use only high quality professional photos to highlight your homes best features. These photos will be used for Brochures as well as on and other real estate websites.

Professional Marketing Brochures

Your home will have Full Color bound brochures for prospective buyers to take with them. These brochures will be full of information about your home. Full color photos, Sellers Disclosure, Local Community Information, School Information, Survey of the Property and any information that will help the buyer to make an informed decision.  With my brochures they will always have your home with them and fresh in mind. 

Targeting Specific Buyers

I will send out print material or email pieces to target neighborhoods with likely buyers. 

Making your home go Viral

The use of social media is so important in today's society. I will share your home on Twitter and Facebook where it can be viewed by thousand of potential buyers.

Open Houses

I will schedule an Open House on the First Sunday after it has been listed. It will be advertised online as well as digital ad campaigns on, and We are the exclusive Real Estate search provider for all three local network television affiliates.

Pricing and Market Updates

I will use various industry tools to prepare market Updates for you that will allow us  to make good decisions regarding the pricing strategy of your home.

Updates and Feedback

It is very important that I give you good honest feedback from the showings on your home and keep you informed on what the buyers and buyers agents tell me.  This information will help you and I to determine any marketing adjustments that may be needed.